Centre stage at the Bourne Show will be the Grand Marquee, home to an impressive array of entries from arts and crafts to home produce. 

We are very proud of our Marquee exhibition, as it is the ONLY ‘flower show’ in the locality that exhibits such a full range of classes. The charm and tradition of a village flower show is maintained, with a great opportunity for locals to ‘show off’, provide a gorgeous spectacle and have a giggle here and there too.

With around 80 different classes, there’s something for everyone and we thoroughly recommend you take part! Whether you’re proud of your jam, overjoyed with your blooming potted plant or just ultra-competitive with Victoria sponges, please join in! We even have classes for abnormal fruit and veg, as well as the chance to claim a cup for most popular photograph.

 Judging is taken very seriously, with some of these judges having the privilege of judging nationally. These judges are provided with a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the marquee so they cannot be disturbed. This is why no entries are accepted after 10am, and the public are restricted from entering during the judging process.


  1. All completed entry forms must be sent to the Marquee Secretary, Catherine Muggeridge (30 Lodge Hill Road, Lower Bourne, GU10 3QW) or Jenny Rogers (Briar Cottage, 27 Dene Lane, Lower Bourne, GU10 3PW) by 6pm Wednesday 3rd July 2024.

  2. Exhibits may be staged between 7am and 10am on the day of the show.  Please note, we are unable to accept exhibits after 10am on the show day.

  3. Persons showing an article for competition not grown or made by themselves will be disqualified, except floral classes or unless otherwise stated.

  4. All vegetables, fruit and flowers are judged by RHS standards.

  5. Not more than one entry in each class per person is permitted.

  6. No exhibits to have been previously shown at the Bourne Show.

  7. Vases, plates etc to be provided by exhibitors. Polished jam jars gain points.  No trade names visible and domestic produce must be dated or it will not be judged.

  8. Exhibits to be named where possible, but no entrant name to be to be visible.

  9. Judging will commence at 10.30am. Judges decisions are final.

  10. You may not enter the marquee whilst judging is taking place or before 1.30pm on the day.

  11. Points: First – 4 points; Second – 3 points; Third – 2 points; Highly Commended – 1 point.

  12. All exhibits must be removed between 16.15 and 16.45pm or be forfeited.

  13. The committee cannot be responsible for uncollected items.

Awards Winners 2023

Ostrer Rose Bowl  (for Class 27 Hybrid Tea Roses) Margot Tringham
Ron Watts Memorial Plate (For Delphiniums) Margot Tringham
Morris Cup (For Fruit and Vegetables) Ted Meredith
Richards Cup (For Flowers) Margot Tringham
Mitchell Cup (For Flower Arranging) Not Awarded
Keighley Plate (For best in ‘other craft’) Rosie Hirst
Bourne Business Cup (For Domestic Section) Jon Allen
Peggy Goebel Cup (For Art and Craft) Gill Keighley
Juliet Bowell Award For Preserves Hannah Rogers
Bourne Show Committee Cup
(For Photography By Public Vote)
Megan Devergne
Best In Show Shields – Under 5 Years Dilly Wilson
Best In Show Shield – 6-8 Years Mollie Lyons and Sylvie Lyons
Best In Show Shield – 9-11 Years Charlotte Nye

Judges Awards Cups 2023

Section 1 (Fruit & Vegetables) Adult Ted Meredith
Section 2 (Flowers) Adult J Atkinson
Section 3 (Domestic) Adult Izzy Wigmore
Section 4 Adult Art Sue Hodge
Section 4 Teen Art Georgia Spragg
Section 5 Adult Craft Debbie Moorcroft
Section 5 Teen Craft Eliza Keightley

Hints and Tips

It may seem obvious but remember to:

  • Read the schedule carefully
  • Follow all provided instructions outlined
  • Keep in mind that creativity in presentation will often gain points

Bourne Show privacy statement

By entering the arts, crafts and produce classes at the Bourne Show, you are giving us Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including your name, address, contact details etc. and are giving us explicit permission to use and process that information for the purposes of show administration, for contacting you regarding current and future entries and to provide you with further information. Only your name as an entrant will be shared with others, including being shown on our website, if you are an award winner.

The Bourne Show Committee takes its personal data responsibilities seriously. Information about you will be stored securely and used only for the stated purposes for which you gave us permission. We will review on an annual basis whether we need to keep that data and will delete your data if we believe we no longer have a legitimate reason to retain it. If you have any questions regarding the use of your information, right of access to your information or to change or remove your details from our databases, please contact the Bourne Show at: hello@thebourneshow.com